Saturday, October 26, 2013

Saturday Morning Post

This week flew by! Here it is Saturday again!

Tons of grapes this year....I just may attempt to make
grape jelly before the birds get them.

From a 'photo shoot' last weekend.

As I said, lots of grapes this year.

Life-size dinky toy down at the boardwalk this week.

Rust study.

Fall surfers.

Met this guy (16 month old Portuguese Water Dog) on one
of my walks with Sophie.

A very colourful bend in the road.

Berries from our Dogwood is covered in these now.

 Sophie napping in the living room sunshine.

Took this yesterday in the late afternoon along the beach trail.

Loved how these blades of grass caught the sun yesterday afternoon.

These three photos taken at the photo shoot last Saturday
with Nikki and Reagan.

That's it for this week folks!!
Have a great weekend all.

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