Friday, October 18, 2013

Getting To Know Me

I presume (I tend to be a presumptuous lad) some of you are aware
that I am a person who enjoys and encourages 'quiet time' periods
during my day.

Coming from a very large family, it was difficult at the best of times
to have or experience anything 'quietly'.

Not to say that I didn't love being one of many,
I simply am saying that when I finally got out
on my own and experienced what 'quiet' was,
I realized that it would take some getting used to.

I did and began to really enjoy it.

I still do and seek it out.

A case in point was yesterday at the Park along the shores
of the Northwest Arm.
I noticed  the smallest stream trickling down the side of
a very large rock.
The stream was heading to the ocean which was a few feet away.

So I did what a 'quiet guy' can only do....
I videoed it!

We all deserve some 'quiet' throughout the day.

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