Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Could Have Listened All Afternoon

On Sunday before we had our Thanksgiving dinner in Halifax,

Ron wanted to take his brother, Michael and sister-in-law, Susan,
for a walk through the Halifax Public Gardens.

And since dogs are not permitted inside the gardens, I was the
designated 'dog-walker'. So off Sophie and I went around the 
perimetre of these Victorian Gardens in the heart of Halifax.

When we got back to our starting point we found these two musicians.

So we both sat down (I on a rock wall and Sophie next to me
on the ground) and watched these two play and sing.

I was immediately impressed with their skills on the clarinet
and the accordion......not to mention their voices.

They played what sounded to me to be 'Yiddish folk' music.
I spoke briefly to them during a short break and asked them
what they were playing.

They said it was a mixture of a number of things put together
into something they created. It was lovely.

Sophie and I sat there for about 45 minutes just letting their music take us away.......
on a beautiful sunny early evening in the city.

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