Saturday, October 12, 2013

Saturday Morning Post

Ever been invited to a friend's/relative's house 
and they haul out their boxes of slides they want to 'share' with you?

Well.......have a seat. This is almost as bad!!

At the Park with our sister-in-law (Ron's brother is in town from Alberta).

The Pine tree is shedding on our side deck.

At the beach with Michael, Ron and Susan.

Roofs in the Hydrostone area in north end Halifax.

Condo building in downtown Halifax.

Chrome with a splash of blue.

Trees on the side of Citadel Hill in Halifax.

A very old bakery in Halifax.

Ron, Mr.Folkart, Susan, and Ron's brother Michael.

On the Halifax waterfront yesterday.

Lights. Action.

Old Chevy truck.

Me at the Park. Peace.

'Proud' Sophie.

Busy little spider.

Leafman keeping an eye on things in the garden.

Light and bathroom sink.

Chapel in Holy Cross Cemetery in Halifax.

Morning cyclist.

Art Deco CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) building in Halifax.

Morning shot at the beach.

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