Friday, October 25, 2013

Getting To Know Me

Yesterday evening I attended a 'harvest dinner' with my father.
It took place at his veterans hospital/home.

I got there early and took my seat at a table reserved for his
family. While waiting for the others to arrive, the large cafeteria
began to fill up with other veterans and their families.

It struck me immediately how eager and happy the veterans
appeared to be. They were smiling and all dressed up in their
finest with their family members assisting them through the maze 
of tables and chairs.

I couldn't help but feel a little sad at first. Sad because
these men and women are near their life's end.
All of these vets are in their late 80's and some well into
their 90's.

The sadness quickly changed to happiness for them
who, in spite of their maladies/disabilities, were truly excited
to be there and their energy was evident and palpable.

My brother arrived pushing Dad in his wheelchair.
Then two of my sisters were close behind.
Lastly my sister-in-law took her seat at the table.

The meal began with a wonderful maple squash pureed soup,
followed by turkey pot-pie which was very nice as well.
Dessert was an apple crisp cake with brown sugar syrup.

This 'gathering' was a celebration of harvest-time.
It became much more than that.....
a celebration of the lives of these men and women.

Me, and my shadow this week.


  1. So glad you and your siblings were able to share in the celebration.

  2. Replies
    1. Well it was very moving to see all these people having a good time with family and friends.

  3. It must have been a pleasant evening. We spend two months of the year near Lorne's mother retirement home in Victoria. She is a also a veteran (she was in the air force) and is still doing well at 95! They won't be around for much longer these veterans of the Second WW.

    1. Two months in Victoria! Now that would be nice! How fortunate for you all to be that close to each other. I bet Lorne's mom looks forward to that.
      Amazing how well some people appear at this Dad is 97 and doing pretty well himself.
      Yes, WWll vets are becoming an endangered species I guess.

  4. Replies
    1. Hi Lisa. It was a happy event and a real sense of community.

  5. How nice a celebration of harvest and life!

    1. Mick, it was a great celebration and I am happy I was there.

  6. It's wonderful that you and some siblings were there with your dad. When I worked at the nursing home, so many people never had a visitor.


    1. Janie, there were a few tables with men who had no family to dine with them. That was very sad to see. But they had each other and seemed to enjoy the evening.

  7. It sounds like a lovely celebration. It's nice that you could all be there together with your dad.

  8. Sounds like you had a lovely time, Jim. It stirs up so many emotions in us as we look at our aging parents. I just came back from visiting my family, and although I thoroughly enjoy spending time with my mother, it saddens me to see her getting older. In my mind, she's always that young, strong woman who raised and nurtured us.

  9. You know Jim- I've often had those thoughts too- feeling sorry for those folks at the elder homes-- but I realize, as you have said here-- that's wrong. They are mostly happy to be among friends and enjoy the social aspects of their care.

    The dinner for your Dad sounds like it was a wonderful celebration. I'm so glad you were able to attend and be there for your Dad. Count this as another priceless memory--



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