Thursday, October 31, 2013

Battling It Out For Nova Scotia

Back before both Canada and the United States were independent countries, 
the control of North America was being fought by England and France mostly.

We know the outcome for both the United States and Canada.
The British were booted out of the 13 colonies 
and/so in turn the British kicked out the French here in Canada.

For those interested in more details as far as Nova Scotia fared 
in all this and who originally made up our population here,
you can read through the following information provided by Parks Canada.
I got this last weekend in the Valley where the actual site 
of the 'deportation of the Acadians' took place.

Okay all you 'history buffs'.......

This is the actual site of the 'deportation' we found last Sunday.

One thing, I am happy and feel fortunate that my 
great-great grandfather, Theodore Cuvelier,
arrived in North America from Paris, France in the mid 1800's
after most things were settled between
England and France here in Canada.

Otherwise, I would not be here to tell you all about it!!

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