Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Getting Ready For A Photo-Shoot And Watching My Little Sister 'Do Her Thang'

Why don't you come along with me and discover why Mim, my sister, 
is so good at what she does.

One of the many things (fitness instructor, personal trainer, social communications, 
dog training...to name but a few) that Mim is good at is 'make-up artistry'.

Last Saturday Ron and I had a 'photo shoot'. 
We were 'shooting' Mim's friend Nikki and her son, Reagan....outside.

But before that could happen, Nikki wanted Mim to 'do her thang'.
And that meant making her look 'perfect' for the camera!

Personally, I thought Nikki looked perfect already 
but I guess it's a 'girl thing' so Mim had Nikki sit down
and she started to do her magic.

It was a good opportunity for Ron and I to really see what Mim does at these sessions.
Plus, we had a chance to 'record' her work in progress.
I should have been paying more attention to what Mim was doing
so I could give a 'play by play' of what is being done.
But I will assume some of you know the steps already.

While the 'foundation' was being laid, I found Nikki's son, Reagan,
occupying his time with his massive car collection of which he knew
every one by make and model.

OK. Back to Nikki and Mim.
Gee, she is looking like a painting 
and I am beginning to appreciate what Mim has been doing for years.

She was so confident in what she was doing 
and this was reflected in Nikki relaxed demeanor.
I wonder how many people Mim has 'worked on' over the years?

I like how I caught the motion of the brush in this one
as Mim was applying her colours.

And speaking of colour! No holds barred because Mim 
brought along everything she may need....and more.

Once she got started I noticed that a contentment, of sorts, came over her.
She is very confident in what she is doing and it showed.

Things were moving right along as Mim and Nikki 
were sharing something I missed!

This was all something new to Ron, as he didn't have sisters
growing up. He had fun watching and snapping away 
throughout the session.

I have sisters......four to be exact. 
I remember watching my oldest one apply her make-up
before she went out on a date on Friday and Saturday nights.
I was fascinated by the whole procedure then....and now.

OK. This was taking longer than Lucy, the dog, and Reagan had bargained for!
They both decided that they had had enough and laid down.

Actually for a three year old he was very well-behaved and took the opportunity
to show Ron and I EVERYTHING that he owned!!

Back to the 'painting'......

I remember Mim saying that the eyes were very important
for the whole 'picture' and they were what she wanted
people to notice first. Or something like that.....

Mim's palette was starting to show its hues of varied tints and colours.

Meanwhile, Reagan was assembling his train set for us.....

and looked up for approval.

An 'artist' in motion......

These eyelashes were fascinating to see how they were measured 
and the applied to the eyelid with something that looked 
like white wood glue!!

A three year old can only take so much waiting around
so Reagan began to get ready for going outside for the 'shoot'.

Remember, it's the eyes that are important....as Mim puts on the
final touches to her masterpiece.

Speaking of eyes, Lucy has beautiful ones don't you think?

A little 'blush' will perk anyone up! Right Ron?!

Mim's leather 'tool belt'.....always wanted one of these.....
for tools of course silly!!

And lastly ....the lips.

An interesting name for make-up, I'd say.

One final touch-up with the liner.....

Lucy seemed to have been bored with the whole thing,
she was content to sit out in the sun.

Mim was excited to show us more colours 
that are used for different occasions.

And here are the artist and model very pleased with themselves.

And here is Reagan all ready with treats for us 
for the outdoors photo-shoot about to happen.

All in a day's work of a make-up artist!
See you Mim!


  1. this is really interesting. that is some serious makeup and tools! thanks for showing it!

    1. I know! Can you believe all the things that are involved?! Glad you found it interesting.

  2. Brilliant work. It's also great when you start with such a beautiful canvas. And please tell your sister Mim that every time you post a picture of her smile, I smile right back. I think I'm in love.

    1. Mitch,you two would get along greatly!
      Yes, the 'canvas' is important too.

  3. Your sister is an artist! I did not realized it involved so much work!

    1. I didn't realize how much was involved either, Alain. She knows her craft!

  4. What a great post - thanks Jim I loved it.

    1. I enjoyed doing this post, Davine. Glad you like it. Thanks.

  5. You have one very talented sister. The pictures are outstanding.

  6. Such an interesting post. It must have been fascinating to watch her at work.

    1. Thanks Pat. It was interesting to watch Mim very methodically 'do her craft' that morning.

  7. Talented and beautiful sister
    And Reagan and Lucy are beautiful too.
    I enjoyed this post, Jim

    1. Hi Margie. Mim is very talented....so much so that her reputation is known in this city. She was asked to be Sir Paul McCartney's 'make-up person' when he was in town a couple of years ago. She was thrilled to meet him.

  8. Replies
    1. He is that! Janie, he is so focused as well.....maybe most kids are nowadays. It's been a while.

  9. I want to reach through my computer and steal Reagan!! He is GORGEOUS!!!!!

    As a woman who has never worn makeup, I don't really get the rest of this post. :P

    1. Reagan is a little bright light alright, Lisa! And very smart too!
      I know what you mean Lisa about make-up.....nonetheless some women enjoy using it.

  10. Send Mim to CO - she could transform me! That little guy is adorable. OK - Ron is cute, too.

    1. She's on her way, Barb!
      Yes he is that alright!
      And Ron? Yep!

  11. I had no idea. No wonder all us women feel so insecure when we see the magazines and tv celebs. Wonder if Mim could help me out!

  12. I would like to think that women wear make-up to help them feel good and better about themselves.......not because they feel pressure from 'advertisers' who may be in it for the money (that is an understatement if I ever heard one!!).
    I think make-up can be fun and creative....as long as one doesn't lose touch with who they really are.

  13. What a talented lady with a make up collection to die for! Serious envy going on here!!
    x Hayley-Eszti

  14. Hahaha...yes, if given the opportunity, a three-year-old will show you EVERYTHING that he/she owns!

    What fun! Looks like you had such a great time. Your sister is very cool! I even love the way she dresses. My type of gal!

    I love that photo of 'the artist and model' towards the end. They are both very beautiful. And that little boy is adorable. Bet he talked your ears off and/or kept you busy!


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