Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Dancing Lady

Image from www.oil-paintings-art.com

Two Saturdays ago Sophie and I visited Dad . 
We got to his room at the veterans hospital and he wasn't there. 
A note was on his table saying that he was at a St. Patrick's Day fiddle concert.

Of course he was!

We headed back downstairs to the auditorium. 
It was packed with a lot of people. How was I to find Dad? 
Then I spotted him towards the front sitting in his wheelchair. 
The concert was under way, so Sophie and I were as quiet as we could be. 

I had grabbed an empty chair from the back and took it up front with us.

Soph was so happy to find Dad! She immediately gave him a big LICK!  
He yelped out loud! LOL He doesn't like being licked!

 Sophie had to get her bearings, her first concert you see. 
She settled quickly once she knew Dad was there.

Then we focused on the music.....and the dancing.

Image from www.rubylane.com

You see, one of the veterans was up front 
dancing/floating around like nobody's business.
She, yes one of the few female patients there,
 was in her own world....in a good way.

She literally was floating as if on a cloud.
She must have been all of ninety pounds.
She was moving very gracefully in front of the band 
and would slow down and stop at individual audience members 
smiling and dancing gently away onto the next.

Image from www.antiquesnavigator.com

It was quite lovely to see. 
Dad informed me that she does this at all the concerts.

Sophie was holding it together as best she could.
You see she loves to dance too....at home!

So what happens? 
Well, the 'dancer' spots Sophie in the centre aisle, 
and down she comes to meet her.......
all along keeping time to some Irish jig!!

Image from www.serbagunamarine.com

Sophie was on a leash (rules, and a good one) 
and she remained in a 'sit' position till the woman was near her. 
At that point Sophie was giving her all the licks she could give. 
And the woman was very receptive and appreciative.

It was at this point that the woman spoke to me and Sophie. 
She had a very soft and gentle voice
and said hello to Sophie by name (I had told her Sophie's name).

After a few more licks by Sophie and more pats on the head by the dancer, 
the 'dancing lady' was heading back up front
keeping perfect time to the music and not missing a beat.

Image from www.rubylane.com

She was gliding back to her seat where she was sitting with what looked like her daughter.  
I realized what an wonderful moment this was to witness.

Here was a woman who was at least 90 years old 'living' out her last days.
And I mean living them. 
She was so 'in the moment' and enjoying every second.

Image from www.antiques.com

Being the 'teacher' most of my life, 
I couldn't help but see the 'lesson' here.
We, most humans, spend so much of our lives doing this and doing that 
and never really taking the time to stop, pause, 
and just focus on what is happening now; 
instead, living in the past and worrying about the future.

The 'dancing lady' was not a bit self-conscious 
and looked as if she did not have a care in the world,
which I am sure she didn't.

She heard music which she liked 
and she did what she felt was the only
 logical thing to do in this situation.....

Image taken from www.easyvectors.com


  1. How lovely,Jim that you and Sophie were there, with your Dad, and the dear gentle lady entertained you all so well. The staff must be very supportive, and encouraging, and a huge privilege for anyone to be staying or visiting there.Happiness all round. Greetings to you and all your family, Jean.

    1. Thanks so much Jean. This 'home' is very 'open' to those who live there. If they are able to get around and know where they are going, then the whole building is there for them. This lady was very comfortable in her surroundings. It was a a special moment.

  2. There is an elderly woman I see in Florida who dances at the Saturday morning market. She is often the only one dancing while the band plays and everyone watches her. I have always been an awkward dancer and hate people watching me dance, so I really admire her.

    1. Sounds like a similar scene Chania. There is something so freeing about these people who have little or no inhibitions. They are to be admired.
      Now, back to getting ready to see your new beautiful grand-daughter!!

  3. "And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance.
    I hope you dance....I hope you dance."

    1. So true! Mitch, I couldn't imagine 'sitting out' ever! Dancing has always given me so much happiness.

  4. Your wonderful story made me think of that quotation -- "They who hear not the music think the dancer mad." She was so perfectly in tune and in sync with expressing joy!

    1. You know Debra, you are so correct with this quote. At first some would think this dancing lady was mad....but they obviously couldn't 'hear the music'.

  5. How wonderful!
    Have you danced today?
    G.M., Jim

    1. Come to think of it Sharon, no I haven't! RON!!!
      It really was a very special moment for me to see this lady. Words don't do it justice but I know the feeling was left in me.

  6. Beautiful post, Jim! And what an important lesson! Where would we be without the joy of music and dance? I loved all your images, and I appreciate the time you took to track them down and add them to your post. Have a present-in-the-moment day!

    1. Thanks Louise! You have inspired me you know....I remembered how you always link to every photo you get from the internet.
      Can't imagine life without either music or dance. Does not make sense to me.

    2. Hi Jim! Thanks for the kind reply! I'm a little obsessive about crediting sources ~ all those English and other papers and desiring to be a writer! Hope you are having a great evening!

  7. Hi Jim,
    Lovely reflective post, so nice to hear that your dad is enjoying his new life. The dancing lady sounds adorable! The 'Now' is often very overlooked for stressing about the 'later'.

    1. Ivan, I wish everyone could have seen this woman. I tried to convey the scene as best I could, but really didn't do justice to this amazing dancer's technique.
      Yes, let's focus on the 'now' and not on the later which doesn't exist anyway!
      Have a wonderful evening.

  8. I would like to just get up and dance at concerts. I hope I don't wait till I'm 90.


    1. Wouldn't that be wonderful to do, Janie! Should you decide to go ahead with this, may I suggest to start at the back and work your way to the front!! lol
      Good luck!

  9. What a delightful story, sounds as if everyone had a good time.

    1. Well, 'Fred', I mean Mick (lol) you know all about the dance!! Great recent post you on this very topic!!

  10. You are such a caring person and so is Sophie, well, I guess she's doodle doggie, but you know what I mean. I wish I could dance.

    1. You mean you are not allowed to dance, or just 'can't' dance? If we were closer I would gladly teach you, Inger. I learned at a very early age.....older sisters require a 'practice' partner, you see.

  11. Replies
    1. It was truly lovely to witness, Pat.

  12. What a wonderful story! That 'dancing lady' has it right. It makes me think of the quote: “Every day brings a chance for you to draw in a breath, kick off your shoes, and dance.” Best to get to it before it's too late!

    1. Great quote Martha! Well I guess the lady proves that it is never too late.

  13. What a powerful reminder to live in the now. I loved this post, and the pretty vintage dancing ladies. When you're dancing, you're young, no matter what your age is.

    1. Yes Terry, age really has nothing to do with it, does it. The image of this 'dancing lady' will stay with me.....literally almost floating off the floor.

  14. There is music in everything we do. The rhythm of life. When we stop listening, our song is over.

    1. Very good point Stew. We just have to listen and there it is.


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