Friday, March 8, 2013

A First For Us

This week we tried out a 'new' place to have lunch. We've heard about it since it 
opened in November last year.

It calls itself an 'old world deli'......the Hali Deli.
 And a deli is not a deli without the above essentials!

It is in an old shop that has had many reincarnations over the years,
from a butcher shop to a diner.

It has these very cool and classic stools next to the fountain counter.

We liked this place so much we showed up two days in a row.
The first day, Wednesday, we tried their sandwiches which were gigantic!!
And delicious.

Yesterday we found ourselves in 'suppertime traffic' 
and realized we hadn't eaten since breakfast......

So we returned again to try out their soups.
And I must confess to get these photos.

Check out this original tin ceiling!! It has been painted but to find one of these
 intact and in good shape......

It's a charming little place, nothing fancy other than it is like
stepping back in time when things were simpler 
and time was spent on the quality of the food.

I can only assume that the name Hali comes from Halifax. I'm so smart!! 

We chose the last one on this list....chicken soup pot.
And plan to 'work' our way through the others in time.

I am not a milkshake fan but I suspect they are good. Ron will just have to try one!

People are starting to talk about the quality of the food here and the good atmosphere.

Here is the soup we ordered with our very first ever Matza Ball (click) in the centre! 
It WAS as good as it looks....delicious!

Just ending with another ceiling these old ceilings.

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