Saturday, March 16, 2013

Saturday Morning Post

The week in pictures:

A couple relaxing overlooking the Northwest Arm.

Last Monday at Point Pleasant Park the police cordoned off 
a large section near one of the 'forts' . A woman's body was found there.
No foul-play was determined....natural causes.

At the Park, this seagull atop WWI and WWII memorial monument.

One of many 'visitors' in Halifax Harbour.

And Another.....

A very old (and still popular) ale brewery in Halifax.

A mural advertising the 'Historic Farmers' Market' in Halifax.

One of the bridge towers.

Downtown Halifax skyline as seen from Dartmouth, across the harbour.

A very quaint village outside Dartmouth where you can find 'Fisherman's Cove'
.....a working fishing village.

The ever-posing Sophie with Ron at Fisherman's Cove.

A few very colourful lobster traps.

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