Tuesday, March 19, 2013

As Is The Custom This Time Of Year

I swear oak leaves must be made of leather!

Actually I know this to be a fact. 
These are usually the last of the leaves to 'break down' in our compost pile,
sometimes taking over two years to do so.'

Here they were yesterday resting along a little stream soaking up sunshine and water.

They caught my attention as they were 'wearing' the only colour available in the park.

It will be spring officially this time tomorrow and it was good to see this running stream.....
a very good sign.

And as is the custom here in Nova Scotia winter is so desperately holding on for dear life!

The weather forecast for this week is to be prepared for two snow storms 
with only a day between the two.

We are hardy folk here in this part of the world.
And it really isn't as bad as that.

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