Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saturday Morning Post

The week in photos:

Time for the leash Sophie.

A new trail to take.....

Somebody's very happy....

Yippee!! Sophie's first real dip since last fall!

Which would you choose? I have my eye on the chocolate Brownie Gelato!
(Click image to enlarge so you can read the flavours.)

Sophie taking/dragging Ron to Three Dog Bakery.

That's better!


  1. I watched a documentary last night on CBC about dogs and all the fighting people do about off-leash dog parks. Emotions run high, pro and con.

    1. I really can see both sides on this issue. I think a lot of the responsibility lies in the hands of the dog use their best judgement in determining how to deal with and react to all the possibilities that arise when 'dogless' people approach. We learned the hard way on a number of occasions. But it is all a learning curve for everyone involved. On the other hand.....non-dog people have to realize that when they are entering an off-leash area that there are going to be dogs there. It would be INSANE for a person who is terrified of dogs to even be there in the first place. It takes cooperation on both sides.

  2. Great photos, Jim! I laughed with the last photo. Looks like Sophie got a nice treat. She's one happy girl! Oh, those Gelato flavours... Whenever I'm in front of so many choices, I have such a hard time deciding!

  3. A new trail, swimmies, gelato AND Three Dog Bakery?!?? Sophie, you're living the good live, girl!!

    -Bart, Ruby and Otto

  4. Forget the crepes and give me a bowl! :D

  5. still deciding on the gelato (-:

  6. Fun pictures, Jim! It's amazing how different Sophie looks with her trim. I couldn't read the gelato flavors ~ but I'll take mango! We had gelato our favorite place in Bellagio while we were in Vegas. Looks like Sophie had the best treat of all.

  7. Oh, Sophie, we're so jealous. I want to go to Three Dog Bakery with my three boys.


  8. That's one big bone Sophie has! Me, I'll take one of each gelato.
    Love the wet sand pic with Sophie and reflection.

  9. Sophie certainly leads a charmed life! I'll take one each of the gelato, a run on the beach with the dog, and a dog treat to top it off...sounds like a great day!

  10. This is fun Jim -- little snippets of your week in photos. As always-- it's easy to see that Sophie has had some fun--- I'm a fool for good gelato-- chocolate brownie sounds perfect for me!!

  11. A swim? Oscar is jealous! Lovely lovely shots.


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