Wednesday, September 19, 2012

We're Back!

After a week on Prince Edward Island and just taking in the culture and taking  lots of photos,

we are desperately trying to get back into some kind of routine.

So I will start with these few photos to give you a sense of where we stayed.
Above is a typical PEI red dirt road leading to the this case the Gulf of St.Lawrence.
This is at the northern top of the Island

Tropical Storm Leslie had just passed the Maritimes to the south the day before we arrived.....thus the wild surf!

All the sand and soil on PEI is red-coloured and discover why it is by clicking 'red-coloured'.

We've been here for the past three summers and Sophie went into 'automatic pilot' when we headed out the cottage door and down the red dirt road to the beach. She knew what to do and where to go....she's not just a 'pretty face' after all!!

Fall is here in the Maritimes as is evident by what Ron is wearing! It was very windy and cool, OK COLD!

Across from this beach were beautiful sand dunes. This waterway lead to a small fishing village.

Sophie was looking at something as we ventured around the corner heading towards the village.

I will show you what was around the corner tomorrow. I have a 'ton' of photos I took and am working my way through some you all may be interested in seeing.

There, I feel I'm getting back into a routine! Good.

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