Friday, September 21, 2012

Fishing Shacks, Cottages and Beach Art

Now THIS would be a fishing shack on an entirely different type of trip!!

Ah there, this is more like it.

So, as we mosied on past the 'red puddles', we walked by these fishing shacks and a few cottages.

Lobster fishing is big here and most permanent residents are involved with the fishery in one way or another.

This little place looked abandoned but obviously someone 'loves' it and calls it home for part of the year.

I don't know about this trailer! It's had it's day but the markings/designs on the side caught my attention......camouflaged  or cowhide ?

Now to what I call 'beach art'. When the tide is going out is when the sea gulls have their smorgasborg......from lobsters to crabs that get caught up in the sea weed, they pick to their hearts/stomachs content!

Blending in quite well.....

This clump of sea grass was above the tide line and thriving in its arid surroundings.

I have this 'thing' for you will see in future posts.

The colour on this stick really stood out on the red sand....probably a marker of some sort used by fishermen.

The next day we went to the capital city of PEI.....Charlottetown. Stay tuned!

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