Thursday, September 20, 2012

The 'Thing' In The Distance and A Road Less Traveled?

Now where was I? Oh yes, Sophie was staring at something when she turned the corner at the beach.

When we caught up with her we saw what it was.....looked like a vulture of sorts but as we got closer (and that was not close at all) we could see that it was an eagle, a juvenile one I believe.

It looked at us for a few seconds, and flew away.

Usually when we get to this point at the beach we turn around and head back the way we came.

Sophie loved this! The clay was the same colour as she.

On this morning we wanted to go around this part of the beach and walk back to the cottage

through the village. This is the road most people use to drive to the beach from this end.

And since there were torrential rains the day before, the condition of this road made sense

and we persisted. As I indicated in yesterday's post, this red clay/dirt is everywhere on PEI.

And when it gets wet, well, it becomes very slippery and like those mud-pies we made as kids.

This brought back so many childhood memories when 'the kids' would return covered in red mud!

My mother was a very patient woman and I am sure it brought back

childhood memories for her as well.

We managed quite well to get around these puddles and approached the little fishing village ahead.

We were the only ones here this morning and this is not at all unusual for this time of year.

But from the ruts in the road I could tell that there was some traffic here over the summer months.

These 'off-roads' are everywhere on PEI and are part  what to expect here.
I remember as a kid returning to our home in the city and in another province when the  
neighbourhood kids would all stand around the car and look at the red mud stuck to my Dad's car!

More from PEI tomorrow........I could stretch this for the next year!!! Kidding!

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