Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Perfectly-Sized City and A Belgian

For this time of year (that being tourist season was coming to an end) I was somewhat surprised at the activity in Charlottetown (click), the capital of PEI.

There were a number of tour buses parked in the centre of town which is where we headed as soon as we parked the car. We were hungry and wanted a pizza from a place we tried,and loved, last year.

Since Sophie is always with us, the three amigos, we don't and can't eat indoors or even on the patio because of health regulations regarding dogs in 'food establishments'. So as we did last year, we placed a take-out order and sat on a nearby bench where the waitress agreed to take our pizzas.

This is the name of the pizzeria and we waited patiently for our meal. In the meantime I started looking around and saw a couple of photo opps.

The city is full of older brick buildings with their original 'names' on them.

The pizzas came and were WONDERFUL but I was so hungry I didn't think to get a  photo.

The honourable fellow below always sits on this bench! He is Sir John A. MacDonald (click), Canada's first Prime Minister. This is a great bronze statue of him and people will sit next to him for a photo. We did that last year.

The following photos are some 'sights, shops and signage' in the downtown centre:

Next time we want to try out this place above.

Ron and Sophie doing the tour.

I really liked these town houses.

Statue of St.Dunstan (click).

St. Dunstan's Cathedral.

Ron and Sophie waiting patiently as I take tons of pics of cathedral.

Heading towards the Prince Edward Island Legislative Building (click) (provincial government headquarters).

Flags of all the provinces  and territories of Canada.

And a visit to Charlottetown wouldn't be complete without going to the play of "Anne of Green Gables" (click) by none other than Lucy Maud Montgomery (click). It's been playing for a very long time.

We passed this Belgian horse (click) every day on our way back to the cottage. There were two but just one on this day. It was not a bit camera shy....probably used to this!

What a beauty!

A special treat in tomorrow's post. We got to see and  hear a singer we hadn't heard in a while.

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