Friday, September 28, 2012

This Is The Last Call For Flight Number.......

It is officially fall here in Nova Scotia.

 And if the temperature is any indication today, it was 16 C, it is here to stay.

 So here we were in the Gaspereau Valley (click here) walking along our and Sophie's favourite canal,

when we come across this beautiful butterfly.

As you can see it is a Monarch Butterfly (click here to learn more) feasting on a clover blossom.

It is very unusual to see these this time of year. They are usually long gone and heading south.

It was the only one here and he/she was very obliging as far as staying on this blossom while we photographed it.

It looked to be in good tattered wings that I could see.

So as the temperatures are beginning to fall, especially overnight when it could drop enough

to cause some frost in low-lying areas in this neck of the woods,

I am sure this butterfly will catch the next 'flight' south,

even if it has to go it alone.

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