Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rock On

I love rock. As in......cliffs of them!

I don't care if it is granite, sandstone, igneous, sedimentary. It doesn't matter to me. I am not prejudiced. 

All I know is that I have an affinity for the stuff.

I wish there was a giant cliff of rock in my yard/garden. I'd be in heaven!

             This is me in my 'rock heaven'.

Yesterday we went to the Bay of Fundy which is about 120 kms from here. This area is noted for it's VERY high and fast tides.

               If we stayed here for another 20 minutes or so, we'd be          
               swimming back to our car!

Maybe I was a rock in one of my past lives!!!

              What's up with Ron?

I wonder when this chunk of rock fell off.


  1. I also love rocks & stones. I have a bowl of polished stones in the center of my table. I loe exploring caves too! xxx

  2. Ron is about to get swallowed by a giant man-eating rock. That place is beautiful, stark and lonely, but compelling.

  3. Fabulous, simply fabulous! I love rocks, (Gee, i guess that makes me sound weird) I like to pick at the layers and wonder what time they came from. ( love rocks, and fossils, and gemstones, and and and! I could just sit and look at that stuff all day! You are fortunate to be so close to those cliffs! Great pics!

  4. I've always admired rock climbers but would never trust my skinny arms to attempt climbing. I have been known to jump off a few cliffs in my time though. I think I'd wait for high tide though.
    Beautiful pics! Love the colors.

  5. Those first two pictures remind me of a rock formation I came across on our trip to a lava flow area last week. Very cool.

  6. Do you happen to be an Earth sign (astrologically)? That might be a source of your affinity for rocks.

  7. You would like the Rocky Mountains here in Colorado.
    You mentioned your yard/garden - my brother calls his the yarden.

  8. love the abstract quality of the first pic.

  9. I love the rusty red in those. When we go over to the Isle of Wight by boat we get a good look at the rocks - our daughter is studying Geography & tells us lots of info about them !

    I did a evening Chi Kung class on the beach under the cliffs - it was so powerful especially with the sound of the waves crashing & the sun setting.

  10. Rock is definitely under appreciated.

  11. Have a good rock cliff from Eaglehawk Neck near the old Port Arthur penal settlement I'll put up in my Tasmanian travels dialogue - watch for it!


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