Thursday, August 26, 2010

For My Next 100 Posts.......

I'd like to post this, my 101st. blog, for my father....Jim Sr.

Yesterday we took Dad to lunch. We chose a place that I mentioned once before. It's called the Rose & Kettle Tearoom & Giftshop at the Cole Harbour Heritage Farm Museum......phew. The staff there are very kind to Dad. They love his wit and tolerate his sometimes 'cutting' responses.

The manager and head chef at the Tearoom is Linda.

               Linda and her daughter hard at work.

She will do her best to do whatever Dad asks of her. He will call up for tea-biscuits and she will always manage to put aside at least half a dozen for him. And all the times he has asked for take-out, (and they DON'T DO TAKE-OUT!), he gets it.

So today we thought we'd 'surprise attack' them.

We got there early before the lunch crowd. Got a table and ordered. You do not mess around when you have a hungry, sometimes grouchy older gentleman who likes his meals ON TIME.

             Ron and Dad (yes I know, Dad looks like the guy in the Six Flags commercial with those sun-glasses!!)

Ron and Dad ordered the Tearoom's famous Fishcakes and Baked Beans. I ordered the special of the day.....Chicken Pot Pie plus a salad.

Linda was very excited to see Dad and she personally served him and made sure everything was just right. Dad lapped it all up.

When it came to dessert we had Raspberry Cake with cream cheese frosting and Date Squares. They were great.

The Tearoom is like an English country cottage inside and out (or at least how I would imagine one to be). It is jam-packed with crafts from Nova Scotia.

By the time we left the place was packed, Dad was content, and Sophie was waiting patiently for us in the car.

Dad doesn't get out much and he appreciates when he does get the chance. He loves the attention he gets from the shops and restaurants in the area. And Linda and her staff certainly give him a lot.

A couple of hours later, after Dad was back home, Ron and I were at the local Thrift Shop/Sally Ann.

 While looking intently at something in the shop, I heard this 'Jim, Jim'. I turned and saw the mother of one of my ex-students. I almost called her Linda because she looked like Linda at the Tearoom. It was Lisa. 

We chatted and I introduced her to Ron. After a few moments of chatting Ron said to her that she looked just like Linda at the Tearoom. Lisa said she gets that all the time.....because Linda is her sister!!

I have known these two gals for a few years and I had no idea they were related. I know Nova Scotia is small......but this makes it really tiny.

              Kids' groups use this facility all summer long. It is a small working farm.
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