Saturday, August 28, 2010

Retro Saturday

I love to browse through old magazines and catalogs. There is usually a treasure-trove of information to be found.

It's like looking into a time capsule and discovering what 'things' were like 'back then' in the old days.

From ads to short stories, these mags cover everything that were deemed important and fashionable for that time.

Today, we find those values, and ways of communicating those values, as say the least!

I think we are where we are today because of the past and everything it stood for. They call it progress and hopefully we have learned from the past.

But, those ads are still a riot!

I wonder if women were really that gullible and naive. I guess the culture at the time certainly didn't entertain the notion that women can think and make decisions on their own. 

But the ads in these mags reflect the times in which they were published.

Mind you, things were a lot simpler and cheaper!?

I figure we have progressed somewhat. What do you think?

              Make sure to double-click each picture to get the full effect.


  1. I love old mags too! Those ads are wonderful. I really enjoy the graphics.

    And one more thing: EEEEEWWWW! Jell-o molds! Gag me with a spoon! LOL

    My mother's family was really into gelatin molds we had them at each and every party!

  2. Ads in those days sure relied on a lot of written text -- today it's all pictures and very little text.

    Jello salads were a staple of my childhood too! At least, for "fancy meals" like Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. Every woman had her "special" recipe. My Mom made one with jello, grated carrots and whipped cream that was to die for!

  3. Thank you for the walk down the 50s. Once while working in a 'recycling center,' I came across some books, magazines and other periodicals I should have been saved. The ads in those were of women (other sundries) who just were objects to be enjoyed. Mind you, these were old Air Force ads inside training manuals. I got a kick out of reading them mindful of how much things have change yet - have remained the same.

    Good Morning,

  4. I grew up during that time and I always remember how much my mother wanted to get out of the house and work but she couldn't because she had to raise the kids! She met Dad when she was attending college so of course when they got married that was the end of her education. Then they got divorced many years later and, like many women her age, she was ill-prepared for the work world. Fortunately for her she had attended Katherine Gibbs Secretarial College for a year before going on to Northwestern and so had some marketable skills (plus she was really incredibly pretty!). People think "the good old days" were so idyllic but actually they weren't, especially for women. What an interesting magazine--where did you get it????

  5. It's fun coming across an old magazine! The products have changed somewhat, but the sales pitch sure hasn't! I like looking at the styles of the clothes and shoes, even in a house dress, the gals look dressed up! I believe women now have a whole lot more "kitchen stuff" to choose from, and most are crappy plastic! That Jello ad made me hungry..................

  6. That washing machine! I got my hair caught in a wringer on a machine just like that one!

  7. I love the simplicity and innocense of them. Sadly, I feel we have progressed too far & now many are striving for a simpler life.

  8. I love old stuff like that too.--Inger

  9. yep,me too! I love all this vintage stuff!

  10. Very interesting.

    And yes, we have come a long way, baby.

  11. I volunteer to quit my job and becaome a housewife of the past. I'll keep a very tidy house and raise the kids right. Now, if I could just get pregnant.

  12. Is Big Tom spanking with a hair brush?!!! Oh my....and let's not forget the sobering "Gray hair kills romance." How funny. I'm not sure the "good ole days" were all that good. I wonder what people will think fifty years from now? "Look, Little Tom, I found a book!" "What's a book, Mom?"


  13. I absolutely love this publishing and advertising from yesteryear. It provides a fun trip down memory lane. My personal favorite(s) are ads and calendars with skinny dippin at the old swimmin hole. While many things have changed for the better, ya gotta miss the celebration of au naturale recreation in the summer that once was so common.

  14. I love looking at vintage magazines. Sometimes the ads are quite interesting.


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