Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Frenzy

                      Ron cooling off on the South Shore yesterday.

I haven't been very consistent with posting lately mainly due to being very busy. There has been a lot of company, being summer and all.

 We went to my niece's birthday party on Wednesday was a lot of laughs and eating.

                     Our niece Meghan.

One of my 'oldest' friends is dropping by along with her partner this afternoon. They are in Nova Scotia from Toronto for a few days. So a walk will be in order and a meal of course. Speaking of which I better get my butt in gear and start the preparation.

Until next time I trust all you bloggy people are well and have had or will have a great Friday.

               Para-surfers from MacDonald's Hill in Lawrencetown.


  1. Have a jolly good time with your friend! Susie xxxx

  2. Oooh....I love these photos, What I'd do now to cool off in there also! xxx

  3. Seems it's that busy time of year! So much stuff going on. Happy 25th birthday to your niece! Company........... have a great visit! (Although, if I got company now, I would shoot myself - we are too busy, LOL!)

  4. Sharon, almost did a few hours ago....shoot myself that is!
    Tracey, you're company would have bee most welcome!
    Thanks Susie and Louise....we'll do our best.

  5. Oooo. Love all the beautiful photos, especially the para-surfers.

  6. I want to be on that Lake right now.

  7. Enjoy the summer and all your company! Winter will be here all too soon. Lots of time to blog then!

  8. your parasurfers' pic is stunning!!

  9. sounds like a great weekend ahead!!!
    Here I am in for a sleepover with three pre-teen girls, swimming, and lots of cooking, a movie, and probably painting of toe nails...

  10. I know you know it, but you really do live in paradise. Lucky!!!!

  11. Christine, funny you should say that. My friend from Toronto just said the same thing. We were just at this location an hour ago.

    Thanks HUGZ!

    Wish I was there! Polly!Sounds like fun ahead for you gals!

  12. Have a lot of fun and if it gets too frenzied, follow Sophie's lead and take a dip!

  13. fimbo..why dont you organise a flower show and I cna be your fan!!!

  14. Wowza, beautiful pics!

    Enjoy your visitors!

  15. Have fun !
    I tried Chi Kung ( and did a post about it ) Preferr T'ai Chi but maybe I can do both.


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