Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Beach Towel

We all had or have our favourite towel to take to the beach.

Today was ideal beach weather....not too hot but sunny, and with a good warmish breeze off the ocean.

It was low tide and was still going out when we arrived around 2 P.M.

We headed to the river as it would be rushing out into the sea.

Who would be in the river first? Sophie of course! Then Ron and finally me.

The towels came in handy after playing with Sophie in the river. We were playing 'Sophie save me'. She would come out to us in the water and let us hold on to her collar. Then she would pull us in to the river bank. She loved it!!

The towel featured in this post is my hubby Ron's. (still weird saying that!). He's had it since the late 50's. It is getting pretty threadbare but still works for him!

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