Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Beach Towel

We all had or have our favourite towel to take to the beach.

Today was ideal beach weather....not too hot but sunny, and with a good warmish breeze off the ocean.

It was low tide and was still going out when we arrived around 2 P.M.

We headed to the river as it would be rushing out into the sea.

Who would be in the river first? Sophie of course! Then Ron and finally me.

The towels came in handy after playing with Sophie in the river. We were playing 'Sophie save me'. She would come out to us in the water and let us hold on to her collar. Then she would pull us in to the river bank. She loved it!!

The towel featured in this post is my hubby Ron's. (still weird saying that!). He's had it since the late 50's. It is getting pretty threadbare but still works for him!


  1. Threadbare.... I have a lot of those! (Not the same colors though) :O

    Nice shots, looks like perfect weather!

  2. Ron clearly believes in getting his money's worth out of that towel!

  3. The only thing dating from the 50s around here is me, and I'm not in as good condition as Ron's towel!

  4. I just loved the imagery of those photos!

  5. Terrific pictures! Looks like a great day...

  6. that's a cool towel, definitely well-loved.
    Loved your pics.

  7. Your photos are lovely. I still have a favorite beach towel purchased at least 20 years ago. Red and white awning stripes. Despite its age its in great condition. I didn't realize anyone else was sentimental about beach towels.

  8. Loved the pics of the towel. Reminded me of the Travelling Gnome. Ah, the stories that towel could tell after all these years. And best part, back then things really were better made than those of today. The towel is proof!

  9. Aaaawww. . . .the mystery and unspoken words those flapping towels evoke! Wonderful colors against a perfect sky!
    See. . . like the owners towels too only improve with age and use. . . .seems to me - from my edge of the spectrum-years.



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