Tuesday, August 17, 2010

PEI Revisited

We got to go back to Prince Edward Island (PEI) last week. My nephew, Scott and family, was in town after a visit to the Island. He has two cottages there and offered them to us to use whenever we wanted from now till October.

Loving PEI as much as we do, we took him up on his offer. And off we went again......

               The next morning I found myself on one of those legendary red clay roads....heading to the beach.

               Another clay road beside a field of wheat.

               Ron and Sophie 'cooling off' at the beach.

                 Passing harvested bales of hay.

Arty-farty shots........

And of course the Sea Glass.

       A Couple hours at the MacAusland Woolen Mills.

                  They insisted......really!

              Anybody want to buy this place? Small but check out the view!

Great place to eat.

             A trip to the city......Charlottetown.

                       .......while waiting for our pizza.

Sitting with Canada's first Prime Minister........Sir John A. MacDonald.

                 This play has been playing forever here.

                 Sophie.......no kidding, that is her name.

              Nanny goat.

                 Taking it all in.

I love this place!

                 A childhood lighthouse in need of some paint at East Point.

                Heading home..........


  1. Beautiful shots - love that place.

    I will talk to Rhonda - we may make a visit to PEI her 'retirement trip'!

  2. Looks like you all had a grand time! I can sure see why! Beautiful............. Yah, if I was younger etc, believe it would be a great place to visit.... for a while!

  3. Is this what's called The Life of Riley?! I just flashed on Sophie and Samson making a great couple. Too bad they are a continent and then some apart!

  4. I would love to visit PEI some day. When I was a kid, one of my favourite books was Anne of Green Gables, of course! I hope Sir John A. offered you a drink?

  5. What a beautiful place. Your beautiful (as always) pictures make me want to go there next year. I'll have to check out cottages to rent. I can just imagine spending a week in a place so peaceful as that, near the ocean, to boot.

  6. Oops! My computer is flickering, so you may get this comment twice. Sorry.

    Anyway, I had an idea of what PEI would look like, and it didn't include red clay roads. That's very interesting. I think of red clay roads when I think of the deep South, like Alabama.

  7. There are cottages everywhere, litterly haha everywhere(thanks dog talk)!

  8. I just love the place with a view.

  9. What a nice place! Love the views of every picture you took. So envious of the relaxing fun you had...my summer went so quickly and I wasn't through with it yet. Glad the necklace arrived, finally. I meant to include a note or a postcard from Oklahoma, but didn't remember until it was all sealed up! I wish Tootie had drawn your name for a prize you could really use, LOL.


  10. Wow! Sophie didn't mention all that! I guess she was mostly interested in the water! LOL

  11. you are so fortunate to be able to return there so soon...can't blame you!
    I am looking forward to some beach time myself, very soon I hope.


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