Saturday, August 21, 2010

Retro Saturday

Just wanted to share with you the few 'things' I picked up in PEI last week.

Got these at the Blue Moon antiques and collectibles shop. It was a church and now it is completely jammed with stuff!

I've found myself 'picking up' kitchen glasses lately and couldn't resist these.

Does any one know whether or not these (below) are 'Gay Fad' or not? I know the Gay Fad company purchased 'blanks' from glass companies and hand decorated them but don't know about these. One is Fenton, and the other is Anchor Hocking. Got them anyway.

This little dessert bowl is from California....I liked the colour.

This is a Fire King pie plate.

And a Pyrex pie excuse now to make a few.

Now, this pitcher I found is quite nice. It is made in Japan and is 'crazed' all over........those are not serious cracks on the bottom. It will still hold a liquid without leaking. I loved the colours.

These were all reasonably priced....the most expensive was the Fire King pie plate for $10. Not bad, I thought.

Now I'll have to find some room in the basement for this stuff..........I'm sure there is some available. I know what I need is a 'shop' re-sell it all. Later, maybe.

Have a great weekend everyone!
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