Saturday, August 7, 2010

Retro Saturday

A couple of bloggers,, and, whom I follow, are as obsessed as I am about Pyrex refrigerator dishes. 

I was always impressed with the array of colours they have.

I can even remember these either at my grandmothers or in my Mom's kitchen when I was young, not sure. But when I first caught sight of these I needed to have some.

These Delphite dishes were made in Canada by Pyrex.

All the others I have were made in the USA.

I should mention that these dishes are 'oven-proof' as well and can be used for baking. I have one casserole dish by Pyrex and decorated by Gay Fad. I showed this piece a couple of Retro Saturdays back.

I very rarely use these. They are on display in the kitchen cupboards and the colours can be seen through the glass doors. Really brightens up the place.

These dishes are 'flying off the shelves' of thrift stores and 'collectables' shops. You can still get them for a pretty cheap price though, if you look hard enough.

And remember these are all very durable and usable. Besides, every kitchen could use a 'punch' of colour, wouldn't you agree?

Oh yes, 'pyrex collective' is having a great 'giveaway'....check her out.


  1. They're actually quite beautiful. When I first glanced at the pictures I thought they were candles.

  2. They are very pretty, I have only seen the blue, red and yellow - must have been the standard colors or came as a set. I would love to have some of them, as I hate putting food in the fridge in plastic, but glass bowls take up so much space and they don't stack. You are very fortunate to have such a collection! Never see them at yard sales at all.

  3. So much better than plastic, in every way. I'm going to look for these on my next trip to Goodwill.

  4. I love them as well. I especially enjoy early Fire King and have set I have been collecting called Primrose.

  5. I didn't know Pyrex came in colours - they are lovely.
    Mum has a rectangular dish & made apple crumbles for the Sunday roast in it when we were growing up.

  6. Yes, I remember these. Gorgeous colours! Anything produced by Pyrex is made to last.

  7. I have neither the salt and pepper, juice glasses, or water glasses. Last time I checked the price a set of water glasses were priced at $800. OUCH!

    Isn't it funny how things once given away as 'premiums' (to induce housewives to spend more) fetch such prices now?

  8. A few years ago I came across some old Pyrex pieces. Sold them on EBay. But I have to admit, the pieces I had were no where as beautiful as yours. I love the red ones you have!
    Glass containers are so much nicer than the plastic ones nowadays. Yes, I use the plastic ones.

  9. I love these!! So colorful and fun! About a year ago I was heating some vegetable soup on the stove in a big pyrex bowl ( I thought you could heat it on the burner)... and suddenly it exploded and pyrex and soup were everywhere!! It took me a half an hour to clean up the mess. I actually took a quick pic of it, and I'm thinking about including it on one of my blogs one day soon... anyway... these are great. I still love pyrex, and I love lots of color!

  10. Very cool! Are they heavy? Do the lids snap on or do they just sit on top?

  11. There must be something about Pyrex on the blogs. I just read about it on Blue Ridge Boomer's blog --It was white with flowers in green on the sides.

  12. Wow. These dishes are gorgeous!! You are so right! Every kitchen (and every life) can use some extra color.

    Thank you for becoming a follower. How lucky am I?

  13. I have two of the small ones, a solid yellow, and one with a design on it. We use them for butter.

    I love the orange and the blue!

    Anchor Hocking is making fridge dishes now, but only in clear glass. I have a couple and use them all the time, but they don't hold quite the same charm as the vintage ones.

    My mother had several, though who knows whatever happened to them. What I wouldn't give to have them now.

  14. Thanks for the shout out!

    You took lovely pics of your fridgies. Even if I have quite a lot, i always enjoy seeing them and seeing them through other people's eyes,

    Have a great trip to PEI!


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