Saturday, September 12, 2015

Saturday Morning Post

A mixed bag this week.....

McNab's Island lighthouse as seen from Black Rock Beach at Point Pleasant Park.

A 'drive-by' photo of the '3 stacks' at Nova Scotia Power's generating station.

One of the few photos of Ron without Sophie nearby.
She was at the groomers.

Gull at sunrise.

Catching the light at dusk.

Who could resist this path?

Sunset where the river meets the ocean.

With all the talk/news about immigrants/refugees
this is where thousands arrived in Canada
at Pier 21 in Halifax. We all come from immigrants
with the exception of course of native aboriginals.

Halifax Harbour with George's Island in middle background
as seen from the MacDonald Bridge.

Halifax skyline as seen from Dartmouth across the harbour.


  1. Sunset, river and pick for today. And the refugees, how many will come to your area? Will you feel as safe as you are now? I know we all have come from somewhere, but the conflicting stories about the boats, the exorbitant amount of money changing hands? And the sadness when they die, in their struggle to find a safer place to live with their children. I admit to mixed feelings about it all. I look at your photos and feel happiness, as the ocean you see ,has, somewhere, the same water that I see down here.

  2. Your pictures reminded me of a novel I read some years ago…, based around the Halifax explosion. It was a good read but can't remember what it was called.

  3. beautiful photos! you live in such a wonderful place!

  4. As dusk is falling here, I'm enjoying your glittering sea photos, Jim. I always love the Saturday ones.


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