Saturday, September 26, 2015

Saturday Morning Post

Puppets to pears this week.....and of course the ocean.

Hand puppets from from A to Z I discovered at the Open View Pre-School
office at MacDonald House where my shop is located.

Fall is 'crisp', 'crumble' season around here......add nutmeg and lots of fresh ginger.......

Last weekend was very foggy up on the hill.

What does one call a large group of Cormorants?
A 'gulp'.

Very busy week for surfers at the beach.

Actually Ron looks as if he is doing his praying in the dune grass......
but in fact he is playing 'hide and seek' with Sophie!!

Windy day down at the river.

Great weather for cycling along the coast.

Sophie will and has recruited anybody within reach to throw 'Mr. Orangie' in the water
or down the beach. These two were happy to oblige her.

Dusk on the hill. A beautiful sunset to end a wonderful week.

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