Friday, September 25, 2015

A Day From The Gods

Yesterday morning I was up early and on the road heading to the supermarket.
It was one of those wonderful September days that we usually get here in Nova Scotia....
cool, sunny, clear.

The whole day was just about prefect.....warming up to about 22C in the afternoon.

Just before dusk we headed to beach to watch dozens of surfers
manoeuvring the large waves.

My last shot of the day was this one below.
It pretty well captured a 'day from the gods'.


  1. That sounds like my sort of afternoon temperatures. Very comfortable! It has been somewhat cooler here of late, only reaching about 18c in the day.

  2. Yes, that photo is truly other-worldly!

  3. I hope the Gods favour us with many such beautiful days in a long, LONG autumn before the snow flies again.

  4. 22C, lovely and warm for all surfers and visitors too, "Golden Glory".

  5. September was always my favorite month in Nova Scotia, Jim! I'm so glad that you've been getting Gift from the Gods Days!


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