Friday, September 18, 2015

Bends In The Road

Yesterday we three amigos hit the road early.
Our goal was to have breakfast in Grand Pre
which is about 100 kms from home.

We made it there in no time flat....
had an Eastcoast Breakfast which consisted of
two fishcakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, baked beans,
multigrain toast and orange slices.
Just what we needed!!

By this time Sophie was pleading with us to get to the canal....
one of her favourite places to swim (and I believe the 
second place she learned to swim when she was a puppy).

So off we went. 
This photo below is the road/path along the canal.
It is always very peaceful and full of life,
not from other humans, but from dragon flies and butterflies.
They were everywhere.

From the canal we decided to drive across the 'spine' of Nova Scotia
to the South Shore which was about an hour and a half drive.
We took highway # 12 .
As are most highways/roads in Nova Scotia, it was full of bends
and turns with only a few straight stretches.
And, as are most off-roads in Nova Scotia, there wasn't
 much traffic either way.

Map image from NS Online

Left of center you can see the town of Windsor, and just left of this is hwy 12. Since we are looking at the map....if you see Chester at the end of hwy 12 and then below that Peggy's Cove,
now look right in a straight line and you see Halifax, Dartmouth and below Dartmouth
Lawrencetown....where we live (that black dot!!).

I can see that we took the long route to get to the South Shore yesterday!!
C'est la vie.


  1. Thanks for the map….I was about to go to google maps to see where you had been until I scrolled down a bit! It is a long way to go for breakfast…most of us just walk downstairs!! About 22 years ago, we had a Canadian breakfast in an hotel in Kingston, at the top of Lake Ontario….I had never seen such a huge plate of food for breakfast! We were visiting relations for a day, having already spent time in Toronto and a week on Lake Wren in " cottage country". A fabulous holiday with our 3 boys who were around, 13, 11 and 6 at the time.

    1. This made me laugh, Frances! I guess in North America we LOVE our breakfasts!! The BIGGEST one we ever had was on the coast of Oregon....they brought out two platters! Enough to feed the entire restaurant! We were cycling that coast, so we had no problem eating every last crumb!!
      Sounded like a nice visit you had in Ontario.

    2. Yes, it was a holiday to remember ! Everything was organised for us by our relatives in Toronto ( sadly no longer alive). We also " did" Niagara, and the CN Tower, 1000 Islands boat trip, and a museum in Toronto.

  2. What an amazing place to live. And I LOVE maps, so thanks for this. You didn't mention that if you look really, really closely to the left edge of the dot you can see Sophie! (Well, it's hard to make out for sure; all I can see is a wagging tail in the midst of some beach grass.)

    1. I just knew you would see that, Mitch!!
      I couldn't agree more....we do live in a very special province.

  3. You have my moth watering for a real breakfast!!!! Have a great weekend, Jim!

    1. I am sure you two will find one in Victoria!!
      Thanks Louise, and have a great one too!

  4. Sounds like a fun road trip! We enjoyed Grand Pre too.

    1. It was a spontaneous one for sure, Debra. The BEST kind!
      I know....Grand Pre is quite a unique little village.

  5. while I lived in Germany I missed my big Canadian Breakfast (Brunch). First thing I did is have my Steak and Eggs.Those meals last me the day :)

    1. Hi there! LOL! I know what you mean about those brunches CC12! They last for the day!

  6. A perfect day in my mind - a great breakfast with good company and a fine drive in a beautiful place.

  7. It's good to get out and drive. Get some air. Reconnect with each other, yourself and nature.

  8. It's good to get out and drive. Get some air. Reconnect with each other, yourself and nature.


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