Monday, September 28, 2015

Contemplative Monday

Life can be 'funny'. Not in a humorous way.
After speaking to two of Ron's relatives-in-law today
concerning Ron's cousin and the upcoming very serious operation
he is having next week, makes one stop and have a good look around at things.

Hearing and seeing how seriously this has affected the family
made me pause and give them as much moral support as I could give.

Sometimes when you think all is rosy with the world.....
just isn't so for so many people. Makes one look at life a little differently.


  1. How little we know about others' problems, and to be there, close by, or far away, in spirit and mind is the most we can do. I know that your thoughts and caring wishes will go a long way to helping Ron's cousin and the family get through.

    1. The hugs we gave each other, Jean, were helpful for us all.
      You are correct, the thought of caring goes a long way.

  2. So sorry about Ron's family's sufferings. Important to remember that very few have an easy road.

    1. So true, Mitch. I guess that is what life is......a mixture of 'difficult' with some 'easy' to keep us going.

  3. As we age life takes on a new and different meaning and if a kind word / glance / gesture can be offered it most certainly means so much.

  4. I hope all goes well for Ron's cousin and his family. Yes, those of us in good health at any point in time would do well to remember to count our blessings.

  5. So true, Jim! I do hope all goes well for Ron's cousin and his family. Sending prayers and hugs to you all! I thank God daily for all the good fortune I have had. I often wonder why I am so lucky when so many have it hard. I know it can all change on a heartbeat. We have to enjoy each day and treasure the wonderful people in our lives. Never take it for granted.


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