Thursday, September 3, 2015


Autumn hasn't officially arrived on the east coast of Canada,
but unofficially we know it has because of the cooler evenings and mornings.

On Tuesday we went to the Annapolis Valley which is the apple capital
of eastern Canada. It is also fast becoming the wine capital as well.
So many apple/fruit orchards are becoming vineyards.

Things change over time. 
But not this scene over the years.
It is a canal which runs through part of Gaspereau Valley
which is part of the Annapolis Valley.
Confused? That's okay.

Every season of the year this canal provides a refuge for hikers, dog walkers
and sightseers. 

Oh yes, Sophie told us she wanted to visit one of her favourite spots.
What choice did we have?


  1. It has suddenly got a lot cooler ( and wetter) here too. ( 25 miles north of London) Dark by 8.30 on a dull day, and I have taken my hot wheat warmer to bed the last 2 nights! Did Sophie swim in the canal ?

    1. Oh she sure did, Frances.....retrieving 'Mr.Orangie' about a dozen times!!!
      Good to see you.

  2. Beautiful, the changing colours, maybe a sign of cooler weather with autumn tints in the leaves.

    1. Definitely the cooling temps, Jean, doing its magic.

  3. oh wow...your leaves are changing! the only change we have here is from green to brown...dead. not a drop of rain in so long i can't remember. i sure hope we get some cooler weather soon. we are in the 90's!

  4. Warm here too, Joyce but we do have lots of moisture.

  5. Lovely.... very peaceful... I needed this photo today... this made me smile...

  6. That lifts my spirit peacefully, Jim! Love the Gaspereau Valley!


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