Saturday, August 26, 2017

Saturday Morning Post

Breezing through August.......

While at the shop I could watch for hours the different scenarios
that form at this tidal sand-bar across from the shop.

I've been watching this fella for quite some time....never gets tiring.

What did I tell you!
Actually this was taken the other day at the park when I took 
Sophie for a swim while Ron kept on the trail.
Sophie and I found him here in the shade further along.

This is Canada's 150th birthday.
This truck, with a few others, is travelling the country
exploring and enjoying all that Canada has to offer.
They started in British Columbia and are now in the Atlantic Provinces.

In the process of making a few changes at the shop.
Not completed yet but will be soon....I hope.
I liked this little display of colour.

One morning this week we were on the trail and walking through the mist
which afforded plenty of photo opportunities.

This rather rusty object at the shop is a 'horse tether'......
used back in the day as a portable hitching post.
This would be kept in the wagon and used/put on the ground when
the destination was reached and the horse's reins would be attached.
I guess horses don't need too much resistance to stay put.

Here is my collection of irons at the shop.
People use them for vintage-looking door stops.
They are very heavy.

Cool mornings produce this mist down near the shore.

While in the city/Halifax the other day we saw literally
over a hundred of these little 'Sunfish' sailboats
in the Northwest Arm.
We think it may have been graduation day/end of season for the kids.

Something magical about crows....

Pairing lemons (fake) with crystal at the shop.

Walking the Atlantic Trail on Thursday morning....

Sunfish everywhere!!

My 'marine wall' in the MacDonald House where my shop is located.

We 'found' this Daylily paradise way down the Eastern Shore
about a month ago.
Two fellas have made this place into a spectacular haven for garden lovers.
It is built on a cliff with hundreds and hundreds of lily varieties everywhere.

I have recently discovered yet another collectible passion
......paper weights!! oh oh....

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