Saturday, August 5, 2017

Saturday Morning Post

From barns to bugs to beaches.......

Are you as intrigued with barns as I am?
This one is just a bit further down the road from us in Seaforth.

This one is still further down the road in West Chezetcook.

This 'friendly' little guy/gal was clinging to screen
on the shop window for most of the afternoon.

Most tourists want their picture taken in front of the Atlantic Ocean
high up on the hill.

Colourful 'kite-surfer' dance down at where the river meets the ocean.

A busy week at the MacDonald House.....shoppers and surfers.

I bought this sleigh from a woman who got it in 1950 on her 2nd birthday.
She was down-sizing and brought in a few things for me to look over.
She went home happy.

Could watch these kite-surfers for hours..... this couple was doing one fine early evening this week......

Did I ever say that I really like crows?

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