Saturday, August 19, 2017

Saturday Morning Post

It has been a challenging week for my family.
We lost our dear 'double' first cousin, Cheryl.
At times like this it is difficult to find that balance
between overwhelming sorrow
and joy for a life well-lived.

Cheryl's funeral was Wednesday.
The church was packed.
The priest saved the day for us all!
He was sensitive, knew Cheryl well,
had a sense of humour, was very kind,
and even danced at the altar because he knew Cheryl
loved to dance. ( I loved jiving with her over the years) has been challenging for me this week
to keep 'my glass half full'.
Nonetheless, moving forward is the key, right?

A shot I took the other evening out our living room window....reflections everywhere.

I was very fortunate recently to have acquired 
these three Inuit  (Eskimo) vintage prints.
Wish we had more wall space at home!!

These thistles are abundant this year along the trails and shore.
No wonder they are survivors.....who would go near them!!

One of my favourite views (if you haven't guessed already!!lol)
from MacDonald Hill looking west.

This past week has been 'Acadian Days' in the Maritimes
(which is made up of the provinces of  New Brunswick,
Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia)
In a nutshell, Acadians are/were those French settlers that
settled here back in the 17th and 18th centuries.
The British during the years 1755 to 1764
carried out 'The Great Expulsion' and deported
about 11,500 people to England, France and the Caribbean
and about one third of these died in the process.
A large number finally settled in Louisiana.

I have Acadian blood on both sides of my family.....
my father's g-great grandfather is considered
'late Acadian' as he didn't arrive till 1850.
On my mother's side (MacIsaac) I found French surnames
in her genealogy.

There is an Acadian community just down the road from us.
Their flag is the flag of France with a gold star.

Now here is a guy who has absolutely no French blood.....
I still love him though!

Here is where 'we three amigoes' got a lot of solace this week.....
along the banks of the river.

This part of the river flows in both directions.....
depending on the tide from the Atlantic Ocean
which is right here at it's mouth.

I can't tell you how peaceful it is here.
I hope this photo gives you a hint.

I can tell you that Sophie LOVES the river!
Can you tell? lol

Contentment at its best.....

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