Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Yesterday morning we were on our way for breakfast in Halifax,
and as we were walking through the car parkade,
I noticed these bicycles locked to these railings.

It got me thinking about our bike adventures......

In the 70's and all through the 80's we both had bicycles
and used them all the time to get around either Halifax or Vancouver,
the two cities in which we lived during this time.

We did have a car/van, but we used our bikes all the time
 unless we were on an extended road trip (our bikes were either 
on the roof or in the back of the van.

One time when we were car-less for a few months,
 we hopped on a train from Halifax with bikes in tow
and headed to Calgary, Alberta.

Once there we hopped this time on the bikes and headed
through the Canadian Rockies.
Our goal was to get to Edmonton, Alberta a city further north
to visit Ron's brother and family.

It took 14 days! And what a trip it was!
Spectacular views and roads we thought there was no way we could bike up,
but we did.
For three of those days Ron got sick....
picked up something from drinking water from a brook.
I wasn't pretty!!

We also took our bikes on the west coast of the U.S.
We parked our car in Oregon 
and biked down the coast from there to Monterey, California.

When we finally settled back in Halifax we still used the bikes a lot
to get around the city.
All of that came to a stop when we moved outside the city to where we are today
on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia.

The bikes were relegated to the basement
 and remained there for a number of years till we sold them.
We were so busy renovating the house and working in the garden
that there was no time or energy left to bike anywhere.

Recently we were entertaining the thought of getting bicycles again.
Yes, we are older but the new bicycles are lighter than ever!!
Who knows?!

And all of this from passing a few locked bikes yesterday morning........

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