Saturday, July 25, 2015

Saturday Morning Post


Down at the boardwalk the other morning...

Wild Rugosa Roses on the trail....

Billboard ad in a mall in Halifax....

'I'm outta here'!

Looking towards MacDonald House (where my shop is) from Lawrencetown Beach.

The sky and clouds were so dramatic at the park in the city
that they enhanced everything around/under them.

Still at the park.....looks like the ocean and a mountain ahead
but it isn''s the sky and clouds.

Summertime theatre outside at the park in Halifax.

Ron and Sophie on the Atlantic View Trail at the beach.

A minute later....

Surfer calling it a day.


  1. That's a beautiful summery collection Jim. I especially love the one with Sophie and her buried head. Half way to Australia or New Zealand I think!

  2. Really delightful photo series, lovely landscape.

  3. Disappearing Ron ! Love the sand digging. Glad my schnauzer doesn't do that in the garden…well not very often! He does have a penchant for pulling up newly planted things! Have a nice weekend…….rained ALL day yesterday, sun today and rain ALL day tomorrow apparently. It was cold yesterday too, I put the heating on in the evening .

  4. Summer at your place, I am tired of winter, and seeing all that blue sky, ocean blue, and Sophie out there, brightens my day.

  5. These are awesome, as always, Jim! Wild roses say "Nova Scotia" to me more than just about anything! Love that mall shot for its vibrant, warm colors! I'm sure you and Ron are looking forward to your Monday lunch date with Debra!!! Say "Hi" for me and enjoy! Have a good one!

  6. Amazing shots, Jim! Where is Sophie headed with all that digging?

  7. Wonderful scenes delivered with your unique eye, Jim, right to Vancouver :) That rose looks just like the ones that grow here. Right now, they have bloomed along the edges of Olympic Village Park. Don't they smell wonderful? We haven't seen any of the Shakespeare in the Park performances this summer, but you are triggering the urge? We do have tickets on Monday for Godspell. That should be fun. My congratulations to you and Ron as you celebrate 42 years together! Will repeat my thought posted on his blog that I hope you keep laughing and dancing together for many, many years to come.

  8. You are surrounded by beautiful venues, Jim. I love those wild roses. Just where is Sophie headed?

  9. Always try to visit the Saturday photos, Jim. You show the beauty of your surroundings.


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