Saturday, July 18, 2015

Saturday Morning Post

'Soaking up summer' kind of week in the hood......

While Ron was getting a massage at MacDonald House,
Sophie and I headed through the grassy dunes to the beach yesterday.

Our 'Kousa Dogwood' is very prolific this summer with hundreds of blooms.
Here it is next to the Japanese Bloodgood.

Inspector Sophie at your service.

Yesterday this local TV network crew were at the beach interviewing
the fellow (in jeans) about his ordeal on Wednesday.....
he almost drowned. He was literally taken out by the under-current.
On the local news last evening, Sophie and I were in the background
during the interview!!
No, it wasn't planned......I was throwing the ball into the water for her.

Accessing the surf....from my perch at the shop.

Quilt wall now at the shop.

In the air seagulls look so peaceful........Zen-like.

Their favourite spot.

Speaking of Zen-like....I would imagine this is as well.

Through the trees.....

MacDonald House in the summertime.

To the ocean...

Saw this Heron across from the beach on Thursday evening.

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