Friday, July 24, 2015

Neat and Tidy

Always having my camera nearby, I am, or try to anyway,
on the lookout for some thing/scene/setting/situation to photograph.

Wednesday evening we were on the Hill and as I was walking up
I looked out into the Atlantic and saw a composition I liked.

In the photo below you will notice that it is made up of two rectangles
that stretch over the entire photo.

The top one is of sky and clouds and starts at the horizon line.

The second one goes from the horizon to the bottom of the grassy hillside.

What I like about this particular composition is that the bottom rectangle
is divided into two triangles......right-angled triangles to be precise.

In my mind it all 'fits' so well together and is visually easy to look at.


  1. Yes, my logical brain likes that composition too Jim. Now, where's my algebra book from high school?

  2. Great brooding atmosphere to it. Was it raining?

  3. Enter the maths into your photo, and there it is, but if you hadn't mentioned it, maybe would have escaped my eye. Lovely.

  4. Quite a breathtaking photo, Jim! I bet being there and seeing this live was magical!


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