Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Can't Be!

Forty-two (42) years ago today, Ron and I met.

It was a very hot July day in the small town of Wolfville,
Nova Scotia which is situated in the Annapolis Valley.

I was going to Acadia University taking my B.Ed degree
and specializing in 'Special Education' or 'Adapted Education'.

Ron had just graduated from Acadia and was working with Canada Post.
And 'luck' would have it that my apartment was situated
directly across the street from the post office!!

Our paths were bond to cross.

I had just come to the realization that I was gay
or should I say that I finally accepted it.
So I ever so carefully stepped 'out of the closet'
into the bright sunlight!

What a relief it was!

Forty-two years sounds like a long time.
But when you both decide from the beginning that 
this was going to be a lifelong commitment,
the years whip by, as some of you know well.

So today, we are celebrating our relationship.....
all the ups and downs, the health issues,
the people we both lost in our families/friends,
and the mere fact that two people who are quite opposite
in so many ways but are exactly the same in all the things that really matter.....

It is my hope that we both will soar through the remainder of our lives
just like the fellow in the photo below soaring quietly through
the wind currents the other evening at the Hill.


  1. Congratulations to you both. A true love story.. a beautiful love story. May your journey together be forever long.

  2. Congratulations! A remarkable anniversary. You have four years on us! The photo is most appropriate.

  3. Happy Anniversary, and with 42 years, may there be many more with love, laughter and happiness always. today, your photo and words fit together like you and Ron do, maybe a little of Sophie added for extra fun and photos.

  4. wow....42 years! what an accomplishment! congratulations to the both of you!!! a wonderful love story!

  5. congratulations to the both of you-how special-hugs to the both of you

  6. Congratulations, Jim! I wish you many more wonderful years together. It is an honour to know you both!

  7. My younger brother and his partner Mike must have been together for at least 42 years. Congratulations. Xx

  8. Really a beautiful post Jim. Gay or not it is such a wonderful thing to have a partner that you love and one who you know always has your back. Relationships, although not always easy are so rewarding and especially when they are committed. Doesn't happen very often these days. congratulations and best to both of you

  9. A beautiful post, Jim! Your words fill in a few details for those of us who know you and Ron only through your blogs, and the photo supports those words perfectly. I wish the two of you a peaceful glide with hands clasped in continued love, across a more accepting world than first met you when you stepped into the sunshine.

  10. Congratulations, Jim. May you and Ron have many more happy years together. My husband and I celebrated 42 happy years of marriage last month, and I agree that the time seems to have flown by.

  11. It's lovely that you've been together all these years. I know you bring each other great happiness.



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