Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Below in the collage you will see Steve, our 'tree guy'.
He is the husband of my work colleague, Eva.
In the fall he took down a tree for us and I had asked him
if he would take down six more for us.

Steve does this for a living, so after work yesterday
 he dropped by and got started.
He began with the largest one , a giant Spruce tree.
We figure it was at least 50 years old and a few years ago 
it had contracted that dreaded 'Spruce Beetle'
that is devastating a lot of Spruce trees in our province.

So away he went up the tree. It took him an hour to get it down.
It was interesting to watch him go about his job.
Everything was done in a very methodical manner.....step by step.....
using the tree's branches as a 'ladder' to get up.
Yes, he was securely 'tied' to the tree with a safety harness.

So, one down and six to go!

Now we will feel a bit safer when the next hurricane
 comes through our neck of the woods.
Thanks Steve.


  1. That sounds like a sensible plan. He looks like he knows his way around a tree!

    1. We love our trees, Craig. Some were here when we got here and we planted quite a few as well. But there comes a time when they present a possible danger....especially when hurricane season is an annual event here along the Atlantic coast.
      Steve, was born in a tree we feel!! lol

  2. He certainly knows what he's doing. Taking down trees is a big job!

    1. We are very fortunate to have 'found' him, Martha. Once all are down, we can breathe a sigh of relief.

  3. i could use him here. i have lots of tree work that needs to be done.

    1. I am sure Steve would do a good job for you too, Joyce!
      It's like he lived in the trees all his life!

  4. Replies
    1. It was fascinating to watch him do what he does so well, Debra.
      Now for the 'fun stuff'.....clean up....we will be at it for the rest of the summer and fall.


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