Saturday, July 11, 2015

Saturday Morning Post

Here, there and everywhere kind of week......

Took this in Bedford last Saturday.
Looks very Arizona/New Mexico-ish to me.

Our 'Explorer' Climbing Roses are in full bloom....I think this is 'Henry Hudson'.

Peonies filling our house with their special scent.

Saw this 'Luna Moth' as we were entering a bakery on Thursday 
in Musquodoboit Harbour.

Red alarm on black brick.....

Remember these? The good ole 'push mower'.
When we had grass this is what we used.

Spanish dancers at the shop....

Summer in the city......

Looking around the shop....

I had a great walk at the river yesterday with my niece, Brynn and Ace, her dog.

This is Kim. She used to have a shop in my space at MacDonald House.
Now, she and her partner, Coco Joe, run this really fabulous food truck
called Foodstruck Cantina, in Seaforth, the next community down from ours.
We were there last evening for burgers.

And speaking of MacDonald House, this is it in the background
taken from a beautiful beach meadow below.

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