Friday, August 24, 2012

To All You History Buffs Out There

The photo above and below of the cannon at Point Pleasant Park,

were made during the reign of Queen Victoria. Thus the 'VR' on it. 
This means Victoria Reigns.

Now here is where I could use some help. Look at this other  cannon

at the same park. It is not Victorian and appears to be an older

cannon with initials that look to be an 'L' or a 'T 'with the 'R'.
Any ideas as to whom these initials belong?

I checked out the chronology of English Monarchs and it shows that William IV ruled before Victoria. Before him were the four Georges. Could this be a 'G'?

I know the British built the forts at this park but nonetheless checked out the names of French Monarchs. I found that Louis XV was King prior to the British founding of Halifax in 1749.

Confused? Me too!! It does look like an 'L' but the French didn't use a crown along with their initials. And, what would  a French cannon be doing there?


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