Friday, August 17, 2012

Getting Out The Wrinkles

We have an unusually busy weekend ahead of us....starting this morning.

Sorry to say but we are going to a funeral this morning. My sister's partner's father drown last weekend.

On Sunday, we are off to an early morning christening in Halifax.

Ron's cousin, Nancy, is here from Calgary, Alberta with her baby daughter, Lucy, to be baptized in the 'family' church.

The dichotomy of these two events was not missed by us when preparing for them yesterday.

Both of these functions required that we 'dress the part'.

As most of you know, we live a pretty relaxed lifestyle and are off on 'hikes' almost daily.

So the proper attire was necessary which we (Ron) dug out of the closet last night.

That is, after we realized we needed a new iron and bought one in the afternoon.

So, we will be all set (at least 'clothes-wise') for an emotional roller-coaster ride.

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