Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sea Bricks

We walk quite a bit along shorelines.  Recently I noticed these discarded bricks being washed up at a city park, probably having been thrown into the sea some time ago instead of a landfill .

I loved the 'tumbled' look they have gotten from the constant action and movement of the tides.

I thought I'd like to do something with them at home in the garden.

After lugging a few home over the past two weeks, I started to 'play' with them in an area of the garden which was never completed a few years ago.

So I began to place them and thought they would look okay. They come in all shapes and sizes and there are plenty more being washed ashore.

I'm experimenting with the gravel/sand at this point and I suspect that I will have to go with 'crusher stone' to keep the bricks stationary. This substance is very effective when it hardens with the help of water/rain.

This area is quite large in the back garden and I will need a lot more of these tumbled gems from the sea. The weather is getting cooler here and will be perfect for this type of project.

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