Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thinking Out Loud

Was listening to an interview yesterday on CBC radio and the reporter was talking with 

an 'occupier' and he was saying how some people have been calling him a 'dirty hippie'.

This label perplexed him somewhat, he said. He was an educated individual and feels 

strongly about certain issues in our society, ones which he feels have to be dealt with. He  

was confused and wondered why anybody would  want to categorize him at all. This got  

me thinking, obviously out loud, about how we all practice this way of coping with 

someone/something different from the norm. Some of us like to 'label' people because it 

makes us feel superior and better than that person. I guess it legitimizes our 'way' of living 

if we can find fault in the ways people choose to live. We all come into this world with   

different 'skins'. Until we are able to 'go our own way' in life, we usually follow what our  

parents taught us, whether they knew it or not. Sometimes a 'prejudice' against the way  

someone looks is passed on for generations. Until we see that all people are basically 

                 the same with different exteriors only, we will continue to reject differences.

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