Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Media.....Reflecting Society?

I got this article, written and presented by Dan Rather, the noted American journalist, from Jim at 'Digital Existence Daily Life'.

Click below to read article:

Another reason to maybe reconsider taking a look at what the whole 'occupy' movement has been telling us.

And they HAVE been telling us a lot.

They have not been confused about their concerns about our society.

Their message just may have been 'buried' and they continue to be labeled by the media to be a bunch of confused and disorganized individuals. 

It's no wonder that their message hasn't been clear.


  1. True, the media is just part of the whole anti-protest political agenda. It's become so bad that I'm wary of just about everything I see and read from the media. Maybe that's the healthy way?

    Very clean air you have over there Jim, wonderful Lichen...

  2. Good article, we have become like children, believing all the trash we are told, in so much of the news. We need to listen carefully for the truths and not someone's agenda.

    Nice pics, Jim!

  3. Sometimes I just wanna go home. Back to Sweden where at least there is some semblance of caring for children, old people, the poor, the ill, and so on. America is not a country for old men or women.

  4. Inger, I almost hesitate but I agree with you. Our western culture is so geared to 'youth' and making money (read greed). Canada is very similar.
    I believe Sweden is a social democratic country, correct? We have a chance in the next few years to head in that direction. But first we have to 'deal' with the conservative approach to everything.

  5. Sharon, thanks. So true, we are becoming a lot like children....blinding following the 'leader'.

  6. Chris, it's becoming the healthier way for sure! The media is out for $$$$$ only not seeking the truth.

    I guess we do have clean air can find lichen everywhere here.


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