Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thinking Out Loud

I've always wondered why some humans outlive/live longer than others.  Sure there are the

usual reasons.....accident, disease, old age. And then there are the unusual reasons.....

sudden death with no apparent cause, suicide, war and murder. How we die is pretty much  

a 'crap-shoot' as far as I am concerned. You are probably wondering where the hell I am  

    going with all this talk of death! But since we are all headed in that direction from the day 

we are born and since we, Ron and I, have experienced this first hand in the past couple of months with  

the death of our friend Cathy, and that of a longtime colleague of mine,  the fact that my Dad has    pretty well outlived everyone he knew from his generation, and the sister of a blogger

            we follow and, lastly, on Tuesday when I got to my Dad's he mentioned the death of a

                   16 year old boy from the local high school, the one at which I worked recently.           

                       He was a student of mine. He died last Friday. I will go to his funeral today.


  1. Little wonder it's on your mind Jim.

    Maybe we all have our own internal 'use by' date sticker somewhere.

    You need to go on one of your 'life affirming' long walks and take some more wonderful photos!

  2. Each life, no matter how long or short is significant. Each life brings joy to countless others. You are a better man having known this young person. Whatever the reason for the death, know that his work here was done.
    The pain associated with a death of a young person can be unbearable. Share with family and friends what you can.

  3. I read a quotation once that every person who is born is given the exact same gift: a life. But no guarantees on how long or short it will be.

  4. 16 is just a baby. What a horrible loss. His poor parents.
    Take care.

  5. Such a thoughtful post... the pain of young death is so much harder to take...

  6. So sad about the young man. I have had a lot of death around me too, of late. It does make one think - I believe you are right, Jim, it's a crap shoot.

  7. My condolences, Jim. I understand how you feel.
    Most of the students I taught grew up in an environment rife with drugs and related crime. Sadly, I have learned of the violence-related deaths of some of these former students - one as young as seventeen - usually through the news media.

  8. thank you jim
    I feel I need a couple of friends like you and chris (FIRST POST) on tap

  9. Oh Jim, I am so sorry you've had such sadness lately. The death of a 16 year old is especially disturbing.

  10. You are right about the crap shoot. This post makes you think and appreciate every day. Beautiful photographs to go along with your words.

  11. i am so sorry for your losses, was cathy a dog sitter friend? i dont remember...


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