Saturday, December 3, 2011

Retro Saturday

This weekend is brought to you by the year 1973! Why 1973, you may ask? Well, that's another story for another day, I promise!

I remember seeing this film and fell in love with the soundtrack. We had the LP record/vinyl of it and have been looking for the CD version for years.....but to no avail.

Of course Tatum O'Neil is all grown up now and her father Ryan is still around too! 

Never thought I'd see the day when I was considered 'retro'! lol

If you have a few minutes, you may enjoy this. Have a great Saturday!


  1. Well Jim, this is a trip down memory lane for me! I'd totally forgotten about this movie. I'd also forgot the premise of the movie and the $200 that Moze owed to Addie. Didn't Tatum O'Neil win an academy award for her role?

    By the way, we may both be retro, but what good memories we have of things like this--Now where did I leave my cell phone! :-)

  2. I'm thinking that we are coming up to a special anniversary. Am I getting warm?

  3. I graduated high school in '73 so I remember that year well. I loved this movie - and I read Tatum's book 'Paper Life'.. which was very sad and (according to her) told of the very stormy life in which she lived.
    It's hard to believe '73 was so long ago... it seemed like yesterday. So I guess I can go ahead and board the retro bus as well.. haha!

  4. Bobbi, I can imagine Tatum's book was quite the story! She went through a lot.
    Graduated in '73 eh? Yep, you're retro! All aboard!

  5. Mark, yes you are warm! But you'll just have to WAIT!

  6. Kim, you are correct! She did win the Academy Award.
    Yes, the memories. It was a great time to live....I almost said to grow up but I'm still waiting for that one!

  7. I loved this movie!
    I know I'm retro - I got married in '73.

  8. I love Paper Moon! It was a great movie then and it's a great movie now -- a real classic that has held up well over the decades. The best thing either Ryan or Tatum O'Neal ever did, actually. Too bad their personal lives turned out to be such a train wreck.

  9. Ahhhh , no Trixie Delite

    For a real treat read the original book , Addie Pray.

    This is one of my all time favorite movies

  10. I also got married in '73..
    loved this movie...gawd, are we really 'retro?'

  11. 1973 has always held a special place in my heart because that's the year I started Kindergarten - my favorite grade!

  12. It's the year David and I graduated from college. We drove cross country in our vw bug to start our life together, with a dog in the back seat, a bike on the roof, and all our worldly belongings in a foot locker. A fine year indeed.


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