Friday, December 2, 2011

This, That, And The Other

          Life around here on the eastern shore of Nova Scotia has been moving right along.

A couple of you have inquired about my Dad. He is well and except for a very arthritic knee,

                he continues to amaze us all with his wit, good humour and his interest in life.

Not bad considering he is halfway through his 95th year! Ron and I continue to alternately

spend the mornings with him during the week. That is going well and he likes the company.

         On another note, I mentioned I was going to get back into yoga. I did two weeks ago.

            And I am glad I did. This old body needed to be put into contorted positions again!

        It amazes me how the body  has a memory because after a year of no yoga at all,

        it is beginning to 'remember' the positions and adjusting very well to the holds and  

      stretches. I have done yoga for years. Used to do it at home every morning before going 

       to work. It really helps with the 'day to day' demands we face physically and mentally.  

                            Sunset last week down at the beach.

        I couldn't find an instructor near here, so I bought a 'Rodney Yee' DVD and I like it.

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