Friday, December 9, 2011

Up Close and Personal

This is precious! A young child teaching an 'old gal' a lesson in compassion.

A picture (her face) is worth a thousand words!

(Make sure to click on the 'cc' icon (captions) at the bottom of screen to read what is being said.)


  1. I'm no fan of Bachmann. Still, I don't like when parents use their children for personal protest. That poor baby had no clue what he was talking about.
    And I know this from personal experience. Years ago, I worked with Immigration Equality to change Immigration Laws in the U.S. Basically, we lobbied congressmen. I.E. wanted us to bring our children. So for two days, I dragged John and Claire all over D.C. so that Congressmen could see their darling faces and feel sympathy for us. I felt a little bad doing this but I would never put words in their mouths like that mother did. I'm a little ashamed of her. m.

  2. Bachmann is priceless.
    I'd agree with Mark here though. And I'm sure that Mrs. B. Sees it that way too and didn't really take it too seriously.
    I loved another video of her telling a young lesbian that she had the same rights as every other American. She is free to marry a man like all the other girls. "It's the law" she said.

  3. Mark and Stew.....I think parents do this all the time with their kids. They are teaching them their morals as they should, and when the kids grow up they can do what they wish with what they learned from their parents, keep them or not, and move on with their lives.

    This child is learning that some people do not like his mother because she is a lesbian. I think it is far better for him to learn this from his mom rather than to see and try to do it on his own at this age.

    People like Bachman are dangerous and mean and wouldn't think twice to pull that child away from his mother if they could. Sometimes one must use all the 'ammo' that is available to protect what you I am sure Bachman does on a daily basis.

  4. I'm not so sure I agree with the two remarks above in that I think Mrs. Bachmann should hear from those she most affects with her thoughtless and hateful remarks.

  5. it is hard to know for sure if this child was coached. This looks like a store event so probably it was a planned confrontation. It would be a pretty profound young man to be walking past the event in the mall and him saying he wanted to go say something to Mrs B.


    children these days are bombarded by media of all kinds. Unfortunately so many hear and see things before their age allows them to deal and figure things out. When I was this young mans age my biggest challenge of the day was which route to walk to school.

    Parents are wise to be open and teach their children well when it comes to their differences. Sex religion race economy; sooner or later the child will encounter some hate directed at them based on their parents.

  6. I do feel the child was coached but for some reason I have no problem with that. Parents teach there kids all kinds of 'questionable' things every day of their lives.

  7. I'm conflicted too, although I 100% agree with what the cute little boy says.


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